Inspired by a true story co-written by former NFL player and cancer survivor,Dominic Austin, and six-year-old Van Johnson who is diagnosed with cancer during a routine physical for a flag football league in Sugar Land, Texas. As he begins treatment, Van transfers from public school to home school with hopes of returning to the football field. 

The Tackle Cancer series include inspirational real life stories of kids using their super powers to beat cancer. Writer, creator, cancer survivor, and former NFL star Dominic "Billy" Austin believes every child has the capacity to be a super hero and that the most important tools we can provide are love, hope, and faith. We hope your super hero finds the inspiration to tackle cancer while reading our books.

Dominic "Billy" Austin has a super hero approach to life. A successful 3 year career in the NFL along with 10 years of experience in the oil & gas industry are just a small part of his life story. Austin is a cancer survivor and a creative philanthropist at heart, so it’s no surprise he started Tackles4Cancer as a platform to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients. In his first superhero adventure, the lives of a handful of kids are turned upside down when they learn they have been diagnosed with cancer. Working in youth programs since he was a kid, he has seen first hand the importance of helping children overcome life challenges. Dominic created the Tackle Cancer Series as a way to infuse young readers with faith that they have what it takes to beat cancer.


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