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Radio host announces he will discontinue cancer treatments

Ive often wondered if I would ever quit taking chemotherapy if I got cancer again. The thought alone brings back horrific memories and I would not be opposed to declining cancer treatment in attempt to enjoy what time I have left on earth. "On the sixth anniversary of taking the airwaves in Houston, 740 KTRH-AMradio host Matt Patrick announced Wednesday that he would no longer seek treatment for the aggressive cancer he's been fighting since late 2015.Patrick's esophageal cancer has reduced his once-booming broadcasting voice to something just above a whisper at times. It's far-removed from the usual tone that listeners have grown used to since 2011. Even during sickness though Patrick's jovial attitude can be heard. "On Houston's Morning News this morning, Matt revealed he has exhausted all options and has discontinued cancer treatments," read a status update on the AM station's Facebook page. "Matt and all of us at NewsRadio 740 KTRH, and the iHeartMedia family, thank you all for your constant love and support during this difficult time." Patrick's morning message can be heard here..."  facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedintumblrmail

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