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The war on cancer featuring Vice President Joe Biden

"We are proud to join Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden in their commitment to end cancer as we know it through the work of a new nonprofit, the Biden Cancer Initiative. The Biden Cancer Initiative will convene experts from around the world to work alongside the vice president and Dr. Biden to gather and analyze the best ideas about how to address some of the biggest barriers to progress in the fight against cancer. Those barriers include lack of data standards in treating cancer, lack of data sharing in the research and development enterprise, lack of patient input and participation in clinical trials, and research and disparities in the access to care and treatment based on cost, socioeconomic status, and geographic disadvantages. In all its work, the Biden Cancer Initiative will bring a sense of urgency to our cancer research and care efforts and introduce ideas to reinvent our culture of research and care for the 21st century. The Biden Cancer Initiative will complement and accelerate, not duplicate, the work of the scores of cancer foundations that exist today by addressing the institutional and structural issues that slow down progress in fighting all forms of cancer." In President Barack Obama’s 2016 State of the Union address, he called on Vice President Biden to lead a new, national “Cancer Moonshot” to dramatically accelerate efforts to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer—to achieve a decade’s worth of progress in five years. By the end of the administration, the Cancer Moonshot had launched a series of coordinated efforts that incentivized bold, creative, and disruptive approaches to conducting cancer research, promoting prevention, and addressing critical needs in cancer care. These efforts leveraged talent and expertise across disciplines and sectors and ensured rapid dissemination of information to the broader cancer research and care community to accelerate progress.     Full Storyfacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedintumblrmail

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